Introducing youtheory

Founded in 2010, youtheory was born out of one simple idea – to provide the world with responsibly-made wellness supplements, backed by science and containing the cleanest, hand-picked ingredients from farms around the world. Everything we do is based on our dedication to support the promise of human potential and our mission to inspire wellness in all.

Over the past decade, youtheory has built a reputation for our commitment to delivering exceptional products that promote health and beauty. With a strong emphasis on quality, science, and innovation, youtheory’s natural health products are meticulously formulated to be:

  • Pure – formulas that are clean, natural and carefully produced with limited processing
  • Effective – using proven ingredients at full clinical doses, with validated claims as approved by Health Canada
  • Enhanced – combined with complimentary ingredients to provide robust and well-rounded formulas

It is our belief that if we put people and purpose first, we’ll produce great products that inspire wellness in all. From this purpose comes the responsibility to give back, and we have made it our mission to help people all over the world through offering our products, our time, and our financial support to those who need it most.

By creating products and a brand that embodies the best that nature and science can offer, feeling and looking your best can become a way of life.

Introducing the product line up:


Ashwagandha1,2, also known as Indian Ginseng, is a well-known and highly sought after botanical which has been used for centuries in the ancient Ayurvedic system of India. It is a powerful adaptogen used in traditional herbal medicine to help the body adapt to stress and increases energy and resistance to stressors. Youtheory’s Ashwagandha is a non-GMO project verified natural health product, containing clinically supported KSM-66® in a blend that provides 1,000 mg of ashwagandha per serving in a vegetarian capsule.

Relax Magnesium Powder

Magnesium is an essential mineral, supporting over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body4, but more than 34% of Canadians are deficient in this important mineral.5 Youtheory’s Relax Magnesium Powder3 is a fun, fizzy and flavourful way to supplement your magnesium with 300 mg per serving in a highly absorbable form. It offers a unique blend of stress supporting nutrients: L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea and PharmaGABA®, which have been shown to promote relaxation.

Turmeric Extra Strength

Turmeric supplies curcuminoids, which are powerful phytonutrients that give turmeric its golden-yellow colour and provides benefits, including its most well-known anti-inflammatory action. Youtheory Turmeric6,7 supplies 1,000 mg of clinically- studied turmeric extract, Curcumin C3 Complex® (which contains 95% total curcuminoids). This formula is enhanced with BioPerine® black pepper to boost the absorption and bioavailability of the curcuminoids in an easy to swallow vegetarian capsule.8

Collagen Powder

Collagen is a major structural protein in the human body (found in skin, joints, bones, blood vessels and connective tissues). As we age, collagen naturally breaks down and diminishes over time – leading to the early signs of aging.11 Youtheory Collagen Powder9,10 is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by supplying 6,000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen. This formula is enhanced with vitamin C to aid collagen production and biotin to support healthy hair, skin and nails.12

Collagen Advanced Tablets

Youtheory’s Collagen Advanced9 provides 6,000 mg of collagen peptides per serving, supplying the essential building blocks to support the appearance of smooth skin and reduces fine line and wrinkles. It also features a dose of vitamin C to help aid in normal collagen formation and boost antioxidant protection.


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Chelsea De Colle is a BC based Certified Nutritional Practitioner specializing in the areas of stress management and sleep. She has worked with individuals in nutrition & lifestyle coaching, provided education for businesses through corporate wellness as well as providing holistic cheffing services for personalized in-home nutrition support. Chelsea’s passion is to educate and empower individuals to thrive by understanding their unique health needs and find a balance through both lifestyle and nutrition.

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