Events and Expert Webinars

Events and Expert Webinars

The education team puts out webinars each month based on specific areas of focus to support the world’s wellness journey. Its super easy to register and available only to our retail and professional members. Be sure to register for the time you prefer.  Please note that we send out a recording, and notes to all who register the next day in case you miss it! Please be sure to add to your e-mail provider’s Safe Senders List to receive these recordings.

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Webinar features

  • Registration required
  • All webinars are live at 12 pm and 7pm ET (Unless otherwise mentioned)
  • Webinar recordings are available the next day to view in case you missed it (unlimited access)
  • Free product for select registered webinar attendees and retail partners
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  • SVP notez que les webinaires sont offerts exclusivement en anglais. Pour nos clients francophones, nous avons mis à votre disposition une variété de courtes vidéos-produits en français

Expert Retailer Webinar Recording

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Helping your consumers get their glow back: The connection between health and beauty

Beauty is more than just skin deep! Our health and beauty are connected from the inside out and there are key nutrients needed to have that natural glow. Learn what nutrients are needed to support our skin and the must-have supplements our customers need to support healthy, youthful and glowing skin.

Webinar recording date: July 12th, 2022

Upcoming Expert Retailer Webinars

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September 20th: Digestive Health & Probiotics: Navigating options with recent research on microbiome and overall health

Gut health is an ever-present, hot topic of conversation amongst the health and wellness community. Customers are also becoming more aware of the benefits of maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract for overall health and not just for the gut and are looking for guidance from you to lead them in the right direction.

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Jamieson Wellness Academy

Jamieson Wellness ™ Academy is an educational resource for our qualified retail partners and practitioners.  The products and associated content mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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