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Introducing youtheory

The newest brand in the JWEL portfolio is here! Youtheory brings elevated everyday wellness to its consumers and moves them to be the best version of themselves. With an introductory lineup of 5 health and beauty product offerings, we’ve hit the ground running and are just getting started.
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New and Improved Product News

New Innovations from our house of brands! 
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Taking supplements can be fun and effective. Why offering various formats is a must for today’s consumers.

Meeting customers where they are can help ensure they leave your store feeling confident and ready to implement their new supplement plan. Understanding how alternative formats of supplements can be supportive for various health conditions will ensure your ability to support customers with their specific needs. Let’s dive into alternative formats together and see what market research shows to be the most popular ones by demographic.
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How to help your customer build a better gut

Gut health related issues are at an all-time high, and customers are looking to you for support and knowledge on everything gut health related. Explore the latest microbiome research across life stages and how to guide your customers to find the right probiotic for their unique needs.
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How to Grow: A Timeless Formula to Grow Retail Sales

Life is in a constant state of change. New technologies, trends, events, Competitors...the list goes on. But amidst all the changes and challenges, some things remain the same. Click to learn how a classic retail formula can help grow your sales this year.
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Progressive® VegeGreens®: From Great to Even Better!

Everyone’s favorite greens powder is getting shaken up in a whole, new, way! VegeGreens® is being reformulated to meet the needs of our customers with additional benefits and Health Canada-approved claims to support the whole body! In this article, we sit down with one of the key voices behind the Progressive brand to get the inside scoop on why the formula is changing, the exciting new features, and how this is going to benefit your customers. 
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Iron Vegan pledges 1% of all sales to environmental causes to protect the planet

The earth is not a garbage can and neither is your body. Because, as they say, what goes in is what comes out. Iron Vegan fuels everyday active lifestyles with products made from real food ingredients that come from nature. To ensure that we can always deliver the high-quality that you deserve, we need to be good stewards of the world we live in. This isn’t only for the sake of our ingredients. We believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the environment, just like we would our own bodies. To show our commitment, Iron Vegan has joined 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of annual sales to support environmental organizations focused on the environment.
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Are You Fully Available to Your Customers?

It’s not just your store schedule and location. According to Byron Sharp, professor of marketing science and author of How Brands Grow, Physical Availability is a critical component of growth. What is it? Find out how it works and 3 ways to build it for your store.
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new innovations

New Innovations from our House of Brands

New Innovations from our house of brands! 
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your store is a brand. are you building it? woman on laptop with boxed

Your Store is a Brand. Are You Building It?

You don’t just have a store. You have a brand: a power-source for customer attraction and preference. The more you define and grow that brand, the stronger your store can become. But what exactly is a brand, how does it serve your business and how do the best Brand Manager approach “building” one? Find out here.
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Why Our Roots Will Keep Us Relevant

A look into how natural health enlightenment invited consumers into a deeply meaningful story: how we’re meant to live and thrive in an increasingly complex world.
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Your Guide to Daily Essentials™

Jamieson’s team of scientists and nutrition experts have designed Jamieson Essentials™ – a line of products that are essential for our customers health and wellness. Each product in the Essentials™ line supports the maintenance of foundational health. Your customers stand in the supplement aisle and think “What the heck do I take?!”, and they should know that Jamieson’s Essentials™ are curated for those looking to support their health & wellness at a foundational level.
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Here for 100 More

Jamieson, Canada’s most trusted brand of vitamins and supplements, is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. To celebrate this centennial milestone, they’re launching 100 Days of Wellness, learn how you and your customer can participate in free fitness classes, wellness talks, nutrition workshops, and weekly prizes from March 12 to June 25, 2022.
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Is Your Store Full of Holes?

Because your customers shop around, you have something called leakage, and it comes in two forms. For example: 1. The Converted: customers who buy VMS from you, but also buy some VMS elsewhere 2. The Unconverted: customers who buy all their VMS elsewhere This leaves you with your share of wallet. For instance, if your average shopper spends 70% or their VMS budget outside your store, you’re left with a 30% share of wallet. (And that could be very generous.)
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Best New Product Awards

We are excited to announce that Jamieson and Iron Vegan have been recognized with 2022 Best New Product Awards.
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Woman browsing store shelves

Choice Overload: A Secret Killer to Sales & Satisfaction

Choice overload is a secret killer to sales and satisfaction
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The top 5 supplements your consumers need to be taking for strong immunity! 

Top 5 supplements your consumers need to be taking for strong immunity.
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TheWell Q42021 Blog Family Immunity

Immunity Across a Lifespan

Immunity across a lifespan
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Teaching consumers how to maximize their body’s energy potential

Teaching consumers how to maximize their body's energy potential
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TheWell Q42021 Blog Shopping Pharmacy

Serve up whole body stress management at the shelf

Whole body stress management at shelf
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Gut Health Across Lifestages – The inside scoop on probiotics and who should be taking them

Gut Health across life stages
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Are Your Shoppers Primed to Buy?

Are your shoppers primed to buy?
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2021 New Innovations

Currently Available Jamieson Melatonin 10 mg Gummy A higher potency formula of Jamieson’s popular strawberry-flavoured melatonin gummies.  Each vegetarian gummy contains a 10 mg dose of Melatonin​ to help you fall asleep and improves sleep quality​.  Jamieson Vitamin B12 1,200 mcg Gummy Introducing the highest potency single-serve B12 gummy​, providing all the well-known benefits of essential vitamin B12 in a delicious vegetarian raspberry-flavoured gummy​, which helps to maintain a healthy metabolism​and supports energy production in the body.  Jamieson …
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Blog-What REALLY makes you special

What Really Makes You Special?

Written by: Matt Taylor, Director of Insights. Originally printed in CNHR magazine, March/April 2021 issue.   A Little-Known Secret to Value Creation  It was 1813. The Napoleonic War raged on as Prussia tried to solve a serious problem. The national treasury was too low to fund their war efforts, so the royal family turned to their wealthiest …
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