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What is Jamieson Wellness Academy?

Jamieson Wellness™ Academy is your centralized education hub designed to support our retail and professional partner’s educational needs across our portfolio of Canadian wellness brands – Jamieson, Smart Solutions, Iron Vegan, and Progressive.

Your New Hub!

Welcome to your new all-in-one hub for Jamieson Wellness education resources! For your convenience, we have moved our express courses and resource library to our home site – now a one-stop library for easy access and simplified navigation.

Self-Paced Learning

Explore our express courses, expert webinars, and short training videos on everything from need state to product information.

Here For You - And Your Customers

Our team of educators is dedicated to delivering current, evidence-based education. Our goal is to empower you to help your customers reach their health goals.

Exclusive Course Content

Available to our retail and professional partners.

Upcoming Expert Webinars

Stay in the know with monthly live webinars featuring the latest information on product innovations and campaigns, as well as key categories and need states. Join our educators as they share industry leading insights and customer scenarios to guide real in-store conversations.


Take Control: Help your customers own their hormone health

Hormonal imbalances are more common than ever before and consumers are looking for help to re-balance themselves and their hormones. They are coming to you...

New comprehensive solutions for your customer’s top health concerns

Progressive has you covered for all customer need states. Research informs us the top concerns of consumers today are stress management, sleep, joint pain, and...

Build a Better Gut: Navigating new research to support your customer’s top digestive concerns

Overview Digestive concerns have increased across the globe and customers are coming to you looking for natural solutions and advice to improve their gut health....

Proven Science for Beauty from Within

Overview Staying youthful and vibrant is a goal many of us have. It’s not just about how we look, it’s about how we feel. As...

The Well Blog

The Well includes blog content written by our Jamieson Wellness™ education team alongside our insights and marketing team members and is available to our retail and professional partners.

Consisting of professional naturopaths, holistic nutritionists, researchers, and more, the Jamieson Wellness team works together to provide educational and inspirational content to help cultivate the world’s wellness journey right along with you.

Here you will discover articles that cover current and evidence-based research, insights, category trends and associated support, and so that you can take an integrative approach to supporting your consumer or patient’s needs. We strive to provide you with a mix of art and science with multiple options based on your needs.

New and Improved Product News

New Innovations from our house of brands! 
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How to Grow: A Timeless Formula to Grow Retail Sales

Life is in a constant state of change. New technologies, trends, events, Competitors...the list goes on. But amidst all the changes and challenges, some things...
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Progressive® VegeGreens®: From Great to Even Better!

Everyone’s favorite greens powder is getting shaken up in a whole, new, way! VegeGreens® is being reformulated to meet the needs of our customers with...
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Iron Vegan pledges 1% of all sales to environmental causes to protect the planet

The earth is not a garbage can and neither is your body. Because, as they say, what goes in is what comes out. Iron Vegan...
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Jamieson Wellness ™ Academy is an educational resource for our qualified retail partners and practitioners. The products and associated content mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Contact us at education@jamiesonwellness.com for more information. Thanks for stopping by!

*Please consult a health care practitioner or professional before beginning any wellness program.
*This platform is for Jamieson Wellness retail partners and professionals only

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