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What is Jamieson Wellness Academy?

Jamieson Wellness™ Academy is your centralized education hub designed to support you – our retail, and professional partner’s educational needs across our portfolio of wellness brands.   Working together to improve the world’s health and wellness journey, you will discover courses, webinars, videos, articles and supplemental product information across multiple categories that you can use as tools to learn and navigate recommendation options.   Our goal is to empower you to help your customers reach their health goals – no matter where they are on their journey. 

Jamieson Wellness™ Academy strives to deliver current, evidence-based education, coupled with ingredient and formula support, features and benefits supporting physical, mental, and social health and wellness.    

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Welcome to The Well – Blog

The Well includes blog content written by our Jamieson Wellness™ education team alongside our insights and marketing team members and is available to our retail and professional partners. 

Consisting of professional naturopaths, holistic nutritionists, researchers, (and more) the education team works together to provide educational and inspirational content to help cultivate the world’s wellness journey right along with you. 

Here you will discover articles that cover current and evidence-based research, insights, category trends and associated support, and so that you can take an integrative approach to supporting your consumer or patients needs.   We hope to provide you with a mix of art and science with multiple options based on your needs.

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Check out some of the recent topics below

your store is a brand. are you building it? woman on laptop with boxed

Your Store is a Brand. Are You Building It?

You don’t just have a store. You have a brand: a power-source for customer attraction and preference. The more you define and grow that brand, the stronger your store can become. But what exactly is a brand, how does it serve your business and how do the best Brand Manager approach “building” one? Find out here.

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Is Your Store Full of Holes?

Because your customers shop around, you have something called leakage, and it comes in two forms. For example:
1. The Converted: customers who buy VMS from you, but also buy some VMS elsewhere
2. The Unconverted: customers who buy all their VMS elsewhere
This leaves you with your share of wallet. For instance, if your average shopper spends 70% or their VMS budget outside your store, you’re left with a 30% share of wallet. (And that could be very generous.)

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Exclusive Course Content

Jamieson Wellness™ Academy currently has 2 main courses, each 9 modules long and both rewarding with product prizes for those who successfully complete the associated quizzes.  Keep on the lookout for updates and new course content.  You will have lots of time to complete the courses (6 months) and you can even tune in from your phone.

You will also have access to recorded webinars, upcoming events, detail aids, articles, and short videos.

Progressive Certification

We are proud to introduce the Progressive® Professional Certification Course. This course uses an orthomolecular approach to nutrition and provides a foundation for understanding nutrient requirements for optimal health and wellness across the life-course.   With 9 modules, the course is designed to help guide lifestyle and product recommendations based on your customer’s needs and motivations based on the Progressive® portfolio – though you will find that the content supports other brands like Jamieson as well.     As a registered Jamieson Wellness™ Academy member and retail partner, you will receive product rewards upon completion.

Smart Solutions Certification

Launched in January 2020, the Smart Solutions™ Certification Course was developed to provide you with with a clear understanding of each body system as it relates to women’s health, along with the Smart Solutions you can recommend to support your female customer on her wellness journey. The modules in the Smart Solutions™ Certification course include everything from foundational nutrition, to women’s reproductive health, and everything in between such as nervous system health, metabolism, adrenal and thyroid wellness, and skin hair and nails to digestion.

Express Courses

Jamieson Wellness™ Academy is proud to offer Express courses as a quick way to brush up on your brand and product knowledge. Each course is a one-hour informational video followed by a brief quiz. These courses are a great way to get the know the brand quickly, or to use as a refresher. Enroll from the Jamieson Wellness™ Academy homepage today!

Webinar Series

Checkout our new Events and Expert Webinars page for information on how to register for upcoming Expert Retailer Webinars and for how to access past recordings.

Jamieson Wellness Academy

Jamieson Wellness ™ Academy is an educational resource for our qualified retail partners and practitioners.  The products and associated content mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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