Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions 

What is Jamieson Wellness Academy?

Jamieson Wellness Academy (JWELA) is your centralized wellness education hub for expert information, resources, and courses.

With content updated monthly, it is designed to make you smarter in the wellness space across a wide array of topics. If you are a retail partner, store associate, practitioner, or pharmacist, this platform is tailored to meet your needs by supporting your questions and learning journey.

JWELA provides courses (both short and long), certification programs, short training videos, detail aids, and past expert webinars featuring topics across a wide range of need states. Included are core products and topics featured across the JWEL house of Brands including Jamieson, Progressive, Smart Solutions, and Iron Vegan.

Who are our educators?

Our education team is comprised of Certified Nutrition Practitioners and Naturopathic Doctors who are dedicated to educating our consumers, retailers, practitioners, and pharmacists to support the world’s wellness journey. We are passionate about empowering you, to help your customers reach their health goals – no matter where they are on their journey.

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What is the Well Newsletter?

The Well Newsletter will help our key stakeholders, like you, to be on the cutting edge of health and wellness insights, innovation, health & ingredient research, and educational programs.  These are included in each issue to inform your decisions about supporting the consumer journey.  You will also receive updates and insights around key environmental, social and governance commitments, and learnings to get to know us and about our values here at Jamieson Wellness. 

The mission of this newsletter is to cultivate the world’s health and wellness – together.

This quarterly newsletter is emailed to our subscribed retail partners, practitioners, and pharmacists to provide blog posts, event information, and education updates featuring our House of Brands and relevant category information.

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What is the Well Blog?

Every quarter, the Jamieson Wellness Academy releases retailer focused content written by our education team alongside our insights and marketing team members.

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What is the Jamieson Wellness Expert Webinar Series?

Our education team hosts webinars each month based on specific areas of focus to support the world’s wellness journey. This series is exclusive to our retail partners and professional members. Checkout our events page for more information about our events, links to register, and access to past recordings.

Who do I contact for exclusive training inquiries?

For inquiries about exclusive trainings for your staff or consumers, please contact your Territory Account Manager.

Who do I contact for sales inquiries?

For sales inquiries about products in our House of Brands within Canada, including Jamieson, Smart Solutions, Progressive, and Iron Vegan, please contact your Territory Account Manager.

Who do I contact for product information?

For information about Jamieson products, please contact For information about Smart Solutions, Progressive, or Iron Vegan, please contact

Registration and Site Navigation

How do I register?

Complete a short registration form, including your email, language, and branch code, to register for Jamieson Wellness Academy. Click to register.

What is my branch code?

Jamieson Wellness Academy is reserved for our retail and professional partners, including pharmacists, health care practitioners, nutritionists, and naturopaths. Contact your Territory Account Manager, or email for your exclusive branch code. This is your all access pass to Jamieson Wellness Academy!

What is the cost to register?

Jamieson Wellness Academy is free to register and learn!

How do I search for content such as detail aids, short video, and expert webinar recordings?

Use the search bar located at the top of the home page to search by content type, brand, product, or need state/health benefit. The icons present on your desktop homepage also allow you to immediately access the Well Blog, express courses, certification courses, and educational tools organized by brand.

The user menu, located at the top left corner of your desktop, provides you with quick access to these options as you navigate throughout the platform.

How do I use access Jamieson Wellness Academy on my mobile device?

  1. Download the Go.Learn app from your device’s app store
  2. Put in the URL
  3. Enter in your username/password
  4. Browse, listen, and learn on the go!

Courses and Certifications

How do I access courses?

Login to Jamieson Wellness Academy and access My Courses and Learning Plans from the menu to see your Available, In Process, and Completed Courses.

What is a Certified Advisor?

Jamieson Wellness is proud to offer two certification courses through the Jamieson Wellness Academy platform. Graduates are presented with a Certified Advisor Badge to display in their email signatures upon completion of the Smart Solutions Certification and Progressive Professional Certification courses.

How long are the certification courses?

Certification courses include 9 modules that are 1h in duration, each with a quiz at the end. The courses may be completed at your own pace.

What do I receive upon certification course completion?

Upon completion, you will receive 3-4 full-sized free product rewards, a certificate of completion with your name on it, and a Certified Advisor Badge.

How long are the express courses?

Express courses are 1h in duration and may be completed at your own pace. Each course has a quiz at the end to test your knowledge!

Courses and Certifications

How do I earn product rewards?

Jamieson Wellness Academy offers many ways for retail and professional partners to earn free product rewards! Express courses offer 1 free full-sized product reward and certification courses offer 3-4 free full-sized product rewards upon completion. We also offer 1 free full-sized product reward to all Expert Webinar participants during the specified time period.

I’ve completed a course, when will I receive my product rewards?

Free product rewards are processed monthly and mailed with your next store order. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Contact for course reward inquiries.

I’ve participated in a webinar, when will I receive my product reward?

Be sure to complete the free product form, including the skill testing question, store address, phone number, and product selection within 14 days of the webinar. The free product form link is provided at the end of each webinar. Free product rewards are processed monthly and mailed with your next store order. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Contact your Territory Account Manager or contact for webinar reward inquiries.

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