Healthy Immunity Across the Lifespan

Dr. Olivia Rose, ND Factors such as diet and lifestyle play an important role, when you are looking to improve immune health. Here are 6 tips to aid in a healthy immune response throughout all stages of adult life. Reduce and Manage your Stress. One of the most powerful steps you can take in creatingContinue reading “Healthy Immunity Across the Lifespan”

Hot off the press! Mushrooms are all the hype right now

By: Dr. Stephanie Bureau, ND As retailers, you are probably well-aware that Medicinal Mushrooms are all the rage right now. Consumers in fact, are clamoring for mushrooms to help with everything from stress, immunity and athletic performance. Health food fads come and go of course, and while some ingredients have solid, factual research supporting theirContinue reading “Hot off the press! Mushrooms are all the hype right now”

Taking Charge of our Lives, Building Resilience and Boosting Immunity

By: Stephanie Bureau, Naturopath  As we finally turn the page on 2020, one thing is clear: while the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down and challenged our sense of well-being, people are also now taking charge of their health more than ever before.1 Perhaps this is because in the face of overwhelming stress and uncertainty, people have come to understand that we truly are our own best advocates when it comes to health and well-being.   Many healthcare practitioners have indeed proposed that a positiveContinue reading “Taking Charge of our Lives, Building Resilience and Boosting Immunity”

What’s New on the Block

Jamieson Apple Cider Vinegar & Turmeric Gummies Introducing two new fun and delicious additions to the Jamieson line-up. Jamieson Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies contain 1000mg of apple cider vinegar per serving and has added chromium to help maintain normal blood glucose levels. And these delicious Red Apple flavour gummies are also suitable for vegetarians! OurContinue reading “What’s New on the Block”

Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

By: Ruth Winker, CPIR Social well-being is an essential component of a healthy life. As a key enabler of this, at Jamieson Wellness we cherish diversity, equity and inclusion and we know we must constantly listen, learn and take action to ensure these principles remain embedded in our culture. We encourage everyone to bring theirContinue reading “Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”

Enhancing the Shopper Experience

By: Kaery Lall, Director of Go-To-Market The Shift to experience Over the past decade shopper experience has become the great differentiator that can decide who wins and loses in the competitive world of retail.  Never have we seen so many innovations designed to enhance the seemingly simple act of shopping, and retailers are placing someContinue reading “Enhancing the Shopper Experience”