Mental Health and Resilience During Difficult Times

By: Olivia Rose ND  A recent 2020 survey confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic has created extensive changes in the emotional wellbeing of the vast majority of adults.1 In the survey, the authors reported that half of the entire population sample experienced a pandemic-related emotional impact to a moderate or greater extent.1   With schools closed, families working from home together,Continue reading “Mental Health and Resilience During Difficult Times”


Written By: Stacey Salmon, Senior Director of Marketing (Brand Growth), Leiland Gauley, Brand Manager Growth and Innovation Progressive Resilient Mind  Click here for a Progressive Resilient Mind short product video and Pharmacy Detail Aid Introducing a stress solutions product that is formulated to provide superior stress and relaxation claims!  Progressive® Resilient MindTM contains premium ingredients such asContinue reading “Q2 2021 NEW PRODUCT INNOVATION”

Supporting Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with Nutrient Therapy

By: Dr. Jordan Robertson, ND Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (HT, or Autoimmune Thyroiditis) is the most common organ-specific autoimmune disease worldwide and the most common cause of hypothyroidism. It results from the loss of immunological tolerance to thyroid antigens and causes an infiltration of immune cells into the thyroid causing eventual organ disfunction or blocking of thyroidContinue reading “Supporting Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with Nutrient Therapy”

Harnessing True Beauty from Within

Written by : Dr. Olivia Rose, ND Check out Dr. Olivia’s video on: Beauty from the ground up Psoriasis and eczema are common inflammatory skin conditions that are usually treated with topical creams. However, these topical solutions are usually only temporary. Instead, the focus should be on long term solutions which includes eating anti-inflammatory foods; including specific supplements toContinue reading “Harnessing True Beauty from Within”

Add a boost to your day | Jamieson booster powders

By: Janette Mason, CNP Personalized health recommendations are where we see the most sustainable changes for our customers. Providing a tailored approach allows for customers to feel seen, and as retailers we know they will be able to follow through with the recommendations.   There are some cases where you begin to create a supplement plan forContinue reading “Add a boost to your day | Jamieson booster powders”

Ramp Up your Resilience

By: Dr. Stephanie Bureau, ND The ability to cope with life’s various stressors in a positive way is known as resilience, and it offers a wealth of benefits to health.1 Resilience in fact, is associated with greater satisfaction with life. Conversely, a lack of resilience hinders our ability to handle stress, and exposure to chronic stress is associatedContinue reading “Ramp Up your Resilience”

Finding new opportunity at the heart of VMS growth

Written by: Matt Taylor , Director of Insights Start with Who:  Finding new opportunity at the heart of VMS growth  Looking ahead to a brand-new year feels different this time. What’s typically full of hopeful expectation is overshadowed by the uncertainty of a global pandemic that changed everything. But as we do make our plans, what new opportunities can we find for growth?  We know that immunity-based vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) have been in hot demand, along with overall wellness products like multivitamins, mushrooms and sleep aids.Continue reading “Finding new opportunity at the heart of VMS growth”

A case for Gummies

Written by: Daniel Oliveira ,Director of Specialty Brand Growth Chew on this: When you look at the Natural Health Products category, it is impossible to ignore how popular the gummy format has become over the past 10 years. Whether you’re looking to increase your vitamin C intake or fight inflammation in your achy joints, there’s a gummy for that. But why are gummy supplements soContinue reading “A case for Gummies”

International Women’s Day

By: Angela Ysseldyk , Director of Education Jamieson Wellness (JWEL) is proud to support International Women’s Day (IWD) this year, coming up on March 8th.  We will be celebrating and recognizing IWD both externally through our brands as well as internally through our own Women’s Employee Resource Group, named WAVE.   At JWEL, we are proudContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

Estrogen, the vaginal microbiome and the role of probiotics in vaginal health

Author: Jordan Robertson ND The female genitourinary microbiome is a delicate symbiosis between hormone levels and bacteria that when disrupted, creates a vulnerability that can lead to dysbiosis, infection and discomfort in consumers. At puberty, the surging of estrogen changes both vaginal epithelial and tissue as well as colonization of the vaginal tract with bacteriaContinue reading “Estrogen, the vaginal microbiome and the role of probiotics in vaginal health”