2021 New Innovations

Currently Available Jamieson Melatonin 10 mg Gummy A higher potency formula of Jamieson’s popular strawberry-flavoured melatonin gummies.  Each vegetarian gummy contains a 10 mg dose of Melatonin​ to help you fall asleep and improves sleep quality​.  Jamieson Vitamin B12 1,200 mcg Gummy Introducing the highest potency single-serve B12 gummy​, providing all the well-known benefits of essential vitamin B12 in a delicious vegetarian raspberry-flavoured gummy​, which helps to maintain a healthy metabolism​and supports energy production in the body.  Jamieson Lutein Gummy A fun and delicious juicy peach-flavoured​ lutein gummy. ThisContinue reading “2021 New Innovations”

What Really Makes You Special?

Written by: Matt Taylor, Director of Insights. Originally printed in CNHR magazine, March/April 2021 issue.  A Little-Known Secret to Value Creation  It was 1813. The Napoleonic War raged on as Prussia tried to solve a serious problem. The national treasury was too low to fund their war efforts, so the royal family turned to their wealthiest citizens with a request: “GiveContinue reading “What Really Makes You Special?”