Why Our Roots Will Keep Us Relevant

Written for CHNC May/June 2022 Issue, By: Matt Taylor, Director of Insights  

Sometimes looking back can help us find our best path forward. I can’t help but reflect on the history, purpose and impact of the Natural Products industry. It was: 

  1. Born from a movement to help communities, friends and family members find vibrant health through a natural lifestyle, just as nature intended. 
  1. Fueled by the passion of those who searched for answers, wrote groundbreaking books, created products, opened stores and traveled the country to spread the latest science of natural health. 
  1. In service of real people, understanding their needs, caring for their wellbeing and helping to solve the problems they felt but couldn’t always explain. 

It was an age of natural health enlightenment, and it helped make way for today’s megatrend of health and wellness. At its core, I believe this movement was anchored in something powerful. It invited consumers into a deeply meaningful story: how we’re meant to live and thrive in an increasingly complex world. 

That story was needed then, and it’s what we need now. While the origins of our industry may move further into the rearview, its purpose and promise have never been more relevant. 


Newsflash: Canadians are Struggling

Leo Burnett, a creative consultancy, surveyed over 4,600 Canadians1 to identify some of our greatest personal challenges. Considering the difficulty of these last two years, it’s no surprise they uncovered a great deal, including: 

  • We’re struggling with life contentment. (“37% surveyed were ‘not really’ or ‘not at all’ content, while only 14% were ‘completely’ content”) 
  • We’re stressed and concerned about the future. (“50% were ‘very concerned’ or ‘concerned’ about the future and what hardships come next”) 
  • We’re feeling unwell and living below our potential. (“43% were ‘very concerned’ or ‘concerned’ they’re not feeling or functioning the way they’d like to because of stress and anxiety”) 

And They Don’t Feel Understood

Canadians need help, hope and a renewed sense of community, but they’re not so sure it’ll come from us. In fact, this study1 also found 76% of respondents “don’t believe or are unsure that brands have a clear understanding of their concerns, issues or problems.” 

As it turns out, the world is full of businesses and brands talking to consumers who don’t feel seen. And unless our consumers believe we understand and care, they can’t fully trust our answers. 

Thankfully, Our DNA is Different

From our roots, we’ve listened, cared, supported and served. And that’s ultimately how we’ll stay relevant for the road ahead. 

We can’t solve every problem, but we can meet consumers where they are, doing what we’ve always done: helping Canadians live and thrive in an increasingly complex world. 


1 The HumanKind™ Study, 1st edition, Leo Burnett Canada, 2022


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