Written By: Stacey Salmon, Senior Director of Marketing (Brand Growth), Leiland Gauley, Brand Manager Growth and Innovation

Progressive Resilient Mind 

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Introducing a stress solutions product that is formulated to provide superior stress and relaxation claims! 

Progressive® Resilient MindTM contains premium ingredients such as Ashwagandha¹ and Rhodiola² and helps to relieve stress, promote relaxation and is a great source of adaptogens. It’s also TRU-ID® certified to guarantee ingredient authenticity³ so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what’s on the label! 

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Iron Vegan™ SuperFoods & Greens™ – Unflavoured & Pineapple Orange 

Iron Vegan™ SuperFoods & Greens™ uses the power of functional food ingredients like Organic mushrooms & sprouted grains/seeds, land & sea vegetables, plant-sourced digestive aid and antioxidant blend! 

Based on consumer feedback in the greens category with 4.5 stars or higher rating, taste, providing energy and improving digestion were top of mind in terms of benefits from the product.Mushrooms are one of the fastest growing subcategories within the HFN network; up 79.3% (+$443k) vs. YA.2 In addition, antioxidant category has also seen a major growth trend up 86% (+$200k) vs. YA.2 

Sweetened with stevia and monkfruit, SuperFoods & Greens™ comes in two flavours, Unflavoured and Pineapple Orange, making it convenient to add in your favourite smoothie/shake or with just water! 

1, Greens category sku’s with 4.5 stars or higher: Genuine Health, Progressive, Amazing Grass, Naturelo, Northcoast Naturals 

HFN 2020 Q2 data insights call.  

Iron Vegan™ Balanced Energy – Roasted Coffee & Iced tea lemonade 

Using the power of organic mushrooms as adaptogens, Iron Vegan™ Balanced Energy will combat mental fatigue. Consume anytime to help increase resistance to stress!  

27% of Canadians say that mental health is a current health concern for them,1 while 19% are actively treating/seeking to prevent mental health concerns with medication, VMS or diet/lifestyle changes.1 

Sweetened with stevia and monkfruit, Balanced Energy comes in two delicious flavours, roasted coffee and iced tea lemonade.  

1 Source: Euromonitor 2020 Health & Nutrition Survey (pre-COVID) 

Iron Vegan™ Rebound Recovery – Tropical Mango Peach 

Iron Vegan™ Rebound Recovery combines mushrooms and recovery ingredients such as tart cherry, turmeric, l-theanine and holy basil, to promote relaxation while also relieving inflammation to initiate the recovery process so you can get back to training optimally. Consume during the day, post exercise or at night to put your body and mind in an optimal state. 

37% of Canadians say that stress is a current health concern for them while 25% are actively treating/seeking to prevent stress concerns with medication, VMS or diet/lifestyle changes. 1 

Sweetened with stevia and monkfruit, Rebound Recovery comes in a delicious flavour, Tropical Mango Peach.  

1 Source: Euromonitor 2020 Health & Nutrition Survey (pre-COVID) 

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