A Case for Gummies

Written by: Daniel Oliveira ,Director of Specialty Brand Growth 

Chew on this: When you look at the Natural Health Products category, it is impossible to ignore how popular the gummy format has become over the past 10 years. Whether you’re looking to increase your vitamin C intake or fight inflammation in your achy joints, there’s a gummy for that. But why are gummy supplements so popular? Is this a fad or are gummies here to stay? And how should your store respond to the increasing demand for gummy vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS)?  

Let’s start by answering the second question: Gummy supplements are not going away any time soon. Over the past five years, the gummy format has quickly become the third most popular format in VMS after traditional tablets/caplets and softgels. And in 2020 alone, sales of gummy format VMS grew +55% to $107MM! With new SKUs and brands being launched almost weekly, the growth is not expected to slow down. In fact, the global gummy vitamin market is projected to reach $9.3 BILLION USD by 2026!2  

It may surprise some that although the first gummy vitamins were developed for kids, the market today is geared heavily towards adults. Which brings us back to the first question: Why are gummy supplements so popular? Here are three reasons:  

  1. Positive user experience  

Gummies are colourful and taste great. They are, figuratively and literally, a treat especially when compared to swallowing pills.  

  1. Pill fatigue  

Adults over the age of 45 are likely taking several medications a day in addition to any supplements they include as part of their daily regime. Switching some of those supplements to a gummy version makes them feel like they are not taking as many pills.3  

  1. Overcomes barriers  

Some people avoid taking VMS either because they have difficulty swallowing pills or they find the odours or tastes of some products off-putting. Gummies overcome those barriers since the consumer can chew the product instead of swallowing a pill, and the gummy format can be very effective at masking some active ingredients that have bitter tastes or unpleasant odours.  

Having gummy options on your shelves will benefit both you and your customers. From a customer perspective, taking some supplements in gummy format can lead to better compliance, which in turn can lead to better results, which in turn makes for happy customers. From a retailer perspective, gummies can increase basket size and speed up repeat purchases. Most gummy supplements are at a significant premium per serving compared to the equivalent capsule version, and most bottles of gummy supplements last about 30 days, depending on the brand and content. Combined with the higher likelihood of compliance because of the positive user experience, gummies can be very profitable for your business.  


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